advice 2-stroke or 4-stroke at pro canada race

I am looking to do my first pro race up in canada this summer and am looking for some advice. I prefer 2-strokes over 4-strokes because that is what I grew up on, and can't really afford 4-strokes upkeep but they each have their pro's and con's. I will be riding the lites class so this is 250f vs. 125

4-stroke advantages

-the eastern pro canadian tracks are mainly sand and 4-strokes are better in sand

-power advantage of 4-strokes

2-stroke advantages



Because of the new pro age rules in the U.S. I have to wait till I am 18, so we decided to try our luck up in canada. I have always trained hard so the fitness aspect is no issue. I am young, but have always been up front at all the amateur nationals so we figured why not try it and see how it works out. Let me know what you think, the money aspect of the 4-stroke upkeep is the main reason that we are leaning against it because money is tight right now as it is for everyone but the power advantage that it has makes it a hard decision.

go smoker!

it is the rider than the bike

and it is safe on your wallet.

Ya but at the pro level it will be tough

I know a lot of people go to these races just to qualify but I really want top 10

Whichever one you pull faster lap times with. If you can't afford that one, get the other choice.

Thats the problem, I don't have a 4-stroke to just go out and test on, I have only ridden one a handful number of times, because my bike broke last year and we had to borrow a bike to get the loretta qualifiers over with

It seems to come down to price. I would ride the 2t now, and when you are older and have a real job race the 4t. (or maybe 2t will be the big mx bike then) No point in riding what you can't afford....

The problem is that we are honestly looking at this as a career for now. I was up for a factory amateur ride with yamaha last year, but with the economy cut backs that fell through. If I do well enough hopefully I can land a ride. We are talking to a couple companies outside motocross to possibly help with the cost of buying a bike, but nothing has been inked yet which would make it really easy.

What would you think without the money difference since a 125 could be modded to a 144

I would actually say a 2 stroke is better in the sand than a 4 stroke. This summer Dowd was running his 250 at Southwick and kicked ass (Stimilon, not the AMA Nats)

The 4-strokes get a lot more traction than the 2-stroke does especially in sand

I just want to get on as level of a field as I can without going overboard as the factory riders up there

Dowd is a great rider so that was probably all him compared to the competition and sand experience not so much the bike plus he knows southwick probably better than any of them

Hey mate,

Tough predicament you find yourself in. As much as I hate to say it, I think if you checked your lap times consistently, you would be faster on the four stroke. In saying that if you are out there racing on the four stroke and only finishing mid pack, you are seen as just another guy out there racing. Compared to if you are out there racing a two stroke and finshing as first two stroke across the line, you will find it easier to create impressions across the pits, gather a legion of fans, and create a lot of publicity for yourself, which as an upcoming rider you need to do. There is a lot of pro two stroke talk and publicity on the internet at the moment which I see as being great. Have you checked out These guys are pretty inspirational, and are doing a great job promoting the two stroke. And are also more than happy to give a lot of publicity to riders who are out there doing well on a two stroke. (Exactly what sponsors are looking for) Have you considered racing 250 2 stroke against the 450's. I see this as a less of a disadvantage, as not many guys, even at a pro level can hold a 450 flat out for 30 minutes. I will be very interested to hear what you decide on doing. Either way good luck. ( I am hoping you pick a two stroke)


Thanks for the help, and that makes a lot more sense with making more of an impression being on a 2-stroke. I have considered doing the 450 class but to do that you either need an ama pro license or certain finishes at canadian races, which I have neither yet so I am stuck in the 250 class

Oh ok. I didn't know that rules like that existed. If that leaves you in the 'lites' class, a properly set up 144 2 stroke is more than competitive if you are an aggressive rider. I was still racing a 144 up until last year, and it was awesome. I had Eric Gorr do my barrel and head and that thing was ultra fast, with heaps of torque. Are you already riding a 125? Doing a 144 conversion wasnt cheap but worth every cent. Which ever way you go keep us updated with your progress, but if you do end up racing a two stroke in the canadian nationals, send the guys at an email and they will be more than keen to hear about what racing you have lined up and follow your progress throughout the season. Good luck.


You can run a 144 against the 250f in Canada (pros)?

If so, run a yz144.

Or even better, ktm150 (144)

Yes I already have a yz125, and I heard that eric gorr had the best 144's too. That route is the one that I will most likely take so that I only have to piece the money together for the 144 mod and the licenses, track+hotel fees, gas, and the new number for up there instead of all this and a new bike.

Capacity limits for the listed classes are

permitted as follows:

MX2 class- 125cc-144cc 2 stroke/ 250cc 4


MX1 class – 150cc – 250cc 2-stroke/251cc

– 450cc 4 stroke.

Thats awesome to hear. Best of luck to you, and I hope that this is the start of a long and successful pro motocross career. Keep that two stroke dream alive. !!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, 144 2t, do it!!!

Unfortunately a 125cc 2t is at a strong disadvantage. 100% displacement increase for the 4t! How the heck can that be even close to fair??? The torque you gain from a 144 kit should help to balance it out for you, and you will most surely garner additional attention just for being on a 2 stroke.

Keep smokin!!


Yes, 144 2t, do it!!!

Unfortunately a 125cc 2t is at a strong disadvantage. 100% displacement increase for the 4t! How the heck can that be even close to fair??? The torque you gain from a 144 kit should help to balance it out for you, and you will most surely garner additional attention just for being on a 2 stroke.

Keep smokin!!


I remember when the 250f's come out to compete with the 125's. The 144's are as fast as long as you are up to it... If I was on a tight budget I'd totally rebuild your YZ turning it into a 144 with a good cylinder work like Gorr's. New suspension, a fly wheel weight to slow down the wheel spin at the gate which will help your starts.

What ever you do I hope you the best luck....

Let me know what you think of these additions, or if there is anything that you would suggest.

eric gorr 144

fmf fatty w/ shorty silencer

vforce 3 reads

Then the standard stuff

suspension revalve

new tires

new grips

what track are ya racing?

Gopher Dunes, Walton Raceway, and we are not sure about Ste-Julie yet it depends on how much money we have.

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