94 XR100 no spark...I broke something

Ok so I had my bike running then decided to put one of those performance CDI's and performance coil in. I replaced both and it would not start. Popped out the plug, grounded it and no spark. I put the stock coil back in. Still no spark, so I put the stock CDI back in and no spark. I then disconnected the kill switch..no spark...disconnected and reconnected all wires...no spark. What could I possibly have blown up?

New plug?

Yea I tried 3 different plugs

Ok so I took everything apart again. Swapped about 50 times between the old coil, old CDI, new coil, new CDI and every combination there of. Sanded my grounds to make sure good contact. Checked all wires for an open. All seems to check out fine. The only thing I can not check is the stator. I'm getting 584 ohms between the two wires. The picture in the book is terrible, so I can not tell what what the book is asking me to do. Can anyone tell me what it should be?

Looks like I have 584 ohms across the stator and 32 VAC when kicking it over. I'm at a loss.

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Ha found it. Looks like who ever had the bike before me did a bad job with the fly wheel and pick up coil. The left cover was broken and the vibration of starting it must have moved the pick up coil away from the flywheel causing the CDI not to fire my ignition coil. The pick up coil is pretty beat up so looks like I need a left cover and pickup coil.

If I didn't throw one away, I might have one.

Sweet....The PU coil comes with the stator. I didnt want to have to buy both just for the PU coil.

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