XR600 vs XR650L frames for rear rack

Are the rear frame sections the same on a 650L and a 600R where the rear fender bolts on the sides? The reason I'm asking is all of the rear racks I see are listed for the 650L. I haven't compared the frames side by side, but my 85 XR600R looks the same from pics. Will one of the racks designed to fasten to the rear frame horns and under the rear bag work on either machine? Thanks

I dont know if itll help or not but i recently located an oem xr/xl luggage rack on craigslist for something like $50 in real nice shape. if you like i can relocate it and post the link if its not been deleted yet.

ETA: I posted earlier from my cell phone rather than wait until I got home like I should have. I thought I had the link still open in a tab, but am unable to find it. I've spent the last 30 minutes looking on Craigslist for it but it's not showing up for me. I suspect that it's been sold and deleted. My apologies for not verifying the status of it FIRST.

Originally it came up searching in the Stockton, Modesto, Sacramento areas. Sorry about that.. I'm old enough to know not to let enthusiasm override common sense but I did it anyway. My apologies.

Edited by 1985 XR600R

Thanks for the reply anyways. I think I got my question answered from a seller on ebay. He say's the 650L mounts are 10.5 inch wide, where the 600 is 8.5 inch wide. Says the 650L rack will work with spacers, but he has 600 racks also. He goes by dualsportracks on ebay. Maybe this will help others wanting a rack for their 600.

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