Steam Cleaning

Has anyone used one of those small handheld steam cleaners to clean their bike? I dont mean using it to clean off 20 pounds of mud, but more as a 'detail " cleaning tool. Thanks.

My wife just had to have one of those "As Seen on TV" small steam cleaners a couple years ago. She used it once in the house, wasn't impressed. I used it once on the bike, wasn't impressed. It's been in the attic ever since....along with a lot of other stuff that I just had to have.

Might work

only works for grease/stains.

It will only work for grease or oil stains that are really stuck on. For everything else, I would just use some strong cleaners and a pressure washer followed with some soap and sponge.

You have to hold the nozzle literally about 1-3"s away from where you want to clean and it is a very small an focused stream as well.

Save your money.

A Diesel Steam Pressure Washer Is Awesome.

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