Brutal Crash

I'm sorry if it's a repost. But this has to be seen... I wonder if the guy was okay?

repost... but still good. thats about 40 miinutes from where i live too

I wonder what happened? Looks like he would have made it if he wasnt "bucked off" at the beginning.

Well, you never know with those ktm's :ride:

I've seen this too many times. But yes, the guy is fine.

KTMs :ride:

holy crap!! never seen that before!!

Yeah, the KTM caused the crash....Who else?

pssshhh dont blame the defenseless katoom, looks like the guy wasn't ready or set up right when he hit the ramp

If his shock had a linkage, he would have totally cleared it!!!!! :ride:

are you guys blind? go read what the poster of the video says about it.... he says what was broken etc. etc. jeez can't believe nobody here knows how to read? :ride:

I dont care what anyone says that is 100% rider error on that f'up.

"Surprisingly, all he broke was his femur and some bones in his hand, when he easily could have broke his neck. Sorry for the shaking camera, I thought my friend had just died. "

what a shitty day

was that 4th or 5th oh wait ktm's dont have 5th.... Yeah its the bikes fault

Cable, what the hell?

My KTM has a six speed. that was 100% rider's error.

The 07?-09 450SXF doesnt have 5th. The 2010 has 5th, as well as every other KTM model (minus the 50's of course) :ride:

I don't care rider/bike error. Thank god he's okay!

easy josmoloco, I was just kidding, I have nothing against KTM's

:ride: go big orange :ride:


Looks like KTM's have a habit of snapping in half...

another reason to buy a KTM :thumbsup:

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