Need Help How Bad Did I Mess Up Rims or Spokes?

Hey Guys,

My Brother and I our new to the sport and learning from our mistakes. Todays mistake was that my brother said his spokes were loose on his CRF450R so we started to tighten them all of them. The manual said nothing about any special way just the torque specs, well come to find out their is a special way which is to tighten every third spoke and only a quarter of a turn to keep the rim or tire true. I tightened one spoke after the other in a row and turned each numerouse times not realizing the proper way because the manual said nothing. So my question is how bad did I mess up the rim and what are the side effects of a rim that is not true. Also, how do I correct it now or should we bring it into the shop to get corrected. Oh, and most importantly if he rides it like this what could happen?



I did the same thing on my 450 a few weeks ago and it didn't cause any problems, but I only had to tighten the spokes a little bit, maybe a half turn. I guess I got lucky. I was building a new rear wheel for a sand paddle this weekend and since I had my indicator handy I checked out my original wheel, the one I tightened up, and it was still really close to where it should nominally be both side to side and lateral. If you can visually see while spinning the wheel that it looks like it is out of round or uneven side to side more than whatever tolerances Honda gives, you should probably have it trued up. Yamaha gives a .080" radial and lateral tolerance which can be eyeball checked with a ruler or some type of straight edge clamped on the swingarm and butted up to the rim. You'll be able to easily see any high and low spots in the wheel. If it's really uneven you can get a rough idea of what spokes are trouble makers by looking at how many threads are sticking out of the nipple to try to locate any spokes that aren't uniform with the majority of the rest. One thing I found while building my new wheel was that the "every third spoke" trick did really center the rim up nicely, and it was mandatory to tighten the spokes no more than 1/4 of a turn. You might want to take where the spokes seat into the hub into consideration while checking out the threads. Don't let it throw you off. On my Yamaha hub one spoke sits in about 1/8" closer toward the bearing than the spoke next to it. The Honda might be the same. You might want to check out They have a couple of old articles about truing up wheels. Have fun! :)

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