Trail Tech Vapor Computer Waterproof?

Just wondering. One came with the R I got a week or two ago and I don't know why I thought it was waterproof, but I left it on when I washed the bike and it's came like a watch that got water in it...cant really see the characters anymore but it looks like something is still going on in there.

I'm letting it dry out and see how it goes...I should have checked into this sooner I suppose but what kind of luck have the rest of you had with this? I mean, what happens if you're out riding and it rains or you go through a creek or something?

wow i expected it to be, i left my bike in the rain the other day and then covered it up like that night, so ill have to go check and make sure that thing still works...

Of course it meant to be waterproof :ride:

i have never had any trouble with mine

When I wash my bikes I never direct a high velocity stream on any of the gauges. I think most owner manuals also state that is is not a good idea to direct a hard spray on quite a few bike components.

See the Trail Tech Vapor user's guide ===>

Click on "Computers", then click on "Vapor User's Manuals".

• Vapor can be used in the rain

but should not be used


• Do not leave the main unit in

direct sunlight when not riding

So, looks like most gauges: water resistant but not waterproof.

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If it did get moisture in there you could speed up the drying process by putting it in a jar of dried rice or popcorn kernels.

Didn't blast the computer at all. Did let water run over it. Rain would have been the same...

I don't know...seems weak to me. Computer for a dirt bike ought to be tougher than that...

Take it off and inspect it. Maybe it was damaged by the previous owner (you said it came with the bike). They are not very expensive units. New, the Vapor is only about $110 and they do several functions in addition to the tach. You can easily spend $200+ on just a tachometer. Of course there are tachs out there for under $100.

I had thought about getting one but the stock looking Honda XR650R speedo is just fine, why do i need a tacho, when my ass starts vibrating i know its time to change gears :ride:

Like others have said, the unit goes pretty good in the rain and is water resistant, but definitly not waterproof. I was in a pretty bad rainstorm (for a few hours) a few weeks back and mine fogged up for a few days :ride:. While it was fogged one of the buttons malfunctioned, but once it dried out, it worked fine again. :ride:

I used a trail tech endurance for three yaers in a crf450, washed it with a garden hose, left it out in the rain during full weekend rides, with no problems. I currently installed a vector on my 650L, because of the good durability of previous products. I may need to think about a temporary cover for washing the bike. But water penetrating the computer would seem like a fluke occurance with everything mine has been through. Not saying it isn't possible though.

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