XR250L will it start without a battery?

err, all in the title.

Will an XR250L fire with no battery in circuit? or does the CDI need that constant 12V to give a starting spark?

Cheers guys

Sure will. Lights and other things that depend on the battery might not though.

Your bike still gets its electricity to spark from the stator but instead of a line coming off your stator to power your dual sport stuff , (lights,blinkers,horn,etc) , a line runs to a regulator/rectifier then to a battery. This gives you a DC line to power your dual sport stuff making them work even if the bike isnt running.

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Put a capacitor between the battery terminals if you are going to run it like that for long.

cheers for the replies, im just trying to figure out how everything works with a view to imroving the crap spark i seem to get on my 250R

The 250L has a 3 phase altenator with 3 phase reg/rec, so the input to the CDI is a nice constance 12v

This seems a better solution than an AC waveform that is timed to be positive when the cdi "fires" the coil

I can also understand the 250Ls coil arrangement and the R confuses me a little lol

Is the CDI map the same on the L and the R??

With regards to a cap, i was thinking about that, what makes you suggest it when running for a while?

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You can search google for a real explanation but if I recall correctly your charging system charges in pulses and has some spikes in it. A capacitor smooths the spikes and pulses providing smoother electricity for the ignition. A battery does this because it's just like a big storage tank. It's best to give it a few easy kicks if the bike has been sitting to basically charge the capacitor. When they are sitting they just take a few seconds to charge up and then they start easier. When they are dead like that they suck electricity away from your ignition. The reason for the battery is so your lights stay on if you stall. Be carefull on the road at night because if it's not running then you will be in the dark.

Put a capacitor between the battery terminals if you are going to run it like that for long.

Have heard before of doing this, what size/type cap you need?

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