Air filter...

You guys wash and re oil your air filter after how many hours of off road riding? I have been doing it after every ride which is 2-4 hours long. This is correct right?

Depends on how dirty it is. I will go everyother ride if the conditions are not dusty or my air filter looks ok. Everytime you take your air filter off you run the chance of dropping a small piece of dirt in there. All be it a small chance it is still a chance. The conditions in whick I ride are usually bad so it seems like every ride for me.

I ride mostly tahuya

i probably let it go longer than I should, but a slightly dirty filter filters better than a clean one. I usually just wait till the filter gets a good coating of dirt on it. Can be one ride, or several. winter usually goes further...

I clean mine whenever it needs cleaning. If it's not dirty then there's no need to clean it at all.

i clean mine whenever it needs cleaning. If it's not dirty then there's no need to clean it at all.


+1 again. It has rained so much here in GA lately, it seems like I never need to clean my airfilter anymore.

Tahuya probably doesn't require a cleaning as often as if you were riding Mattawa or someplace really dusty. But I would make sure you seal up your airbox since Tahuya is so wet you could likely get water and mud in your airbox.

"Seal up air box"?

"Seal up air box"?

Juper doo. There are a few thread about it 'round here. I am not sure of other years but my 04 is terrible.

Mine is an 04 too.... The air filter is never too wet, but has some mud spackled on it most of the time.

When that mud dries, you have dirt and then dust that can be trouble. The airbox on the KTM is 3 separate parts that have "seems" where they connect. Those "seems" are just plastic on plastic. They don't block water and it sounds like that is where your mud is coming from. Check the FAQs and there are some instructions. Basically, you just clean it and use black RTV silicone to seal it up. If you see any large gaps you can cover them with a piece of intertube.

the seams where the airbox goes together is not the issue with KTM's design. I use to think it was a poor design, but I now don't worry about it. Most of the water and mud intrusion comes from the underside where the fender meets the airbox and subframe, and on top of the fender, under the seat.

I put duct tape under the fender for mud rides and stuff some foam under the seat, at the fender also. That takes care of most of the issue. Then, when I clean my bike, I install the filter cover and wash the airbox just like the rest of the bike. The airbox doesn't HAVE to stay clean for the filter to do it's job or stay functional.

I have used black silicone to seal the seams on some of my KTM's and it made very little difference. I also did it to the fender subframe also and all it really did was make it more difficult to remove the fender and made a bigger mess of the assembly. I have also used weatherstripping between the parts and it did make a difference, but it was a pain.

Now, let's beat this dead horse some more...:ride:

Now, let's beat this dead horse some more...


Shall we entertain the atf issue, mix ratios and pv spring.....

beat that horse till its more dead

Now, let's beat this dead horse some more...


there are several threads discussing this issue. I have posted a pic thread on sealing up the airbox, Veccster has, and it's been discussed thoroughly.

Learn to use the search function, it is a valuable tool. I was just kiddin about the subject, those of us who have been around awhile just have seen these threads come up routinely....and I thought it was funny how your simple 'how often do I clean my air filter' thread morphed into a 'leaky airbox' thread. haha :ride:

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