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XR 600 CDI fix

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After much testing and kicking I found a great source for new CDI units on fleabay. $34 at place called motoparts-usacom. Found no website-just on fleabay? Fast shipping and most important- it works on my old beast('86). Been so much snow and rain couldn't give it a good test until this afternoon-right before another snow! Had only been able to do limited runs til now, spark is fine but I do believe the jetting is too lean for the K&N filter and Supertrapp pipe. Was still real strong in mid range but fell off a little on top. Think I will try 130/50 somebody on here recommended earlier for my elevation 1200-2000 Ft. Now that the flame problem is fixed I think I cna move on to replacing gaskets and figure out how to do fork swap. Hoping to get infor from "xr600man" on his slick looking CR? forks. Could not have gotten this far without TT help! Great site, great people! Hope this feedback on CDI will help someone else.:ride:

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