What will it cost?

It's Been a while since I've posted on here! Well I sold my bike about a year ago and completely abondoned the whole sport. I recently have decided I want to get back into it. So I am looking at getting a 250f and I came across a 2005 yz250f on craigslist for $700. The bike has a bad crank and he says it needs a new cylinder and piston kit. How much and how difficult would it be to get this bike running?


More than the bike is worth. If the crank "went bad" and also took out the piston and cylinder, odds are it needs a head too, and it may even need cases. The crank, cylinder, and piston will put you back $500 plus labor, the head is another $500-$600 easily. A 2005 is only worth $1800 in good condition as it is. You'd be better off getting it and parting it out for what is left.

lol i saw that bike too and im thinking about getting it and using it as a parts bike for my other 2 05 yz250fs..on craigslist in my area there are 05s going from 1500 bucks to 3400 bucks so maybe it could be worth it if u get parts off ebay or craigslist or something and build it up to what you like. heres the link http://sacramento.craigslist.org/mcy/1588002119.html

I'd do a quick cruise across ebay and see what parts are out there for a yz250f AND a wr250f. Cylinder and head will swap depending on year, cranks don't due to e-start. Anything from 03 thru 05 is direct bolt on. I found a whole bottom end with a good cylinder last year for 150 off a WR. I swapped out the tranny, used the "new" cylinder, swapped some other items and have some spares left over.

if you do buy it i have a brand new oem cylinder and a piston that i could sell you for $185 shipped. let me know

I was looking at the same bike. Looks like there is some competition for a used 250f in Socal.....damn.

Funny, I kinda wanted that thing too, just couldn't justify spending the money when I didn't really need anything off it.

did anyone end up getting this bike. i didnt :banana:.

I will part with my 04 250f For a cool 2500. For anyone in the california area. Check out the garage if you are interested.

im picking up a 2003 yz 250f for 400 and it needs a cylynder and cases

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