MRD SSW jetting... yeah again

I've looked through hundreds of threads and just when I think i found one that matches my situation I see a difference...

the problem is I don't know what matters to jetting and what doesn't.

I've got a stock carb, stock motor, MRD exhaust, with the 3x3. I ride at sea level... in Mississippi, so it's quite humid in the summer (does that matter?)

I'm lost as to what the settings should be, as seems those who are at sea level, aren't in humid area's or have FCR carbs, or have stock pipes...

anyone point me in the right direction?!

my carb's sitting on the desk next to me as I type... :ride:

the jetting stock now? was stock...

I put it back together with


blue needle 4th clip


and screw turned out 2.5 turns

just wanted to get it back together... haven't run it yet

thats a fine setting.

thats a fine setting.

cool... thanks

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