Concussion and Motor Skills

I had a run-in with the handle of a paper cutter this week (yes, a paper cutter) and ended up with a mild concussion. I did get it checked out, and I'm quite a bit better now... but I've noticed that my motor skills are terrible! Is there anyone that has had experience with this and might be able to give me an idea of how long this may last or is there anything I can do to help speed recovery?

I had a good one and felt kind of messed up for about a week. Nothing you can do for it but make sure to not get another concussion for another couple of weeks if you can help it.

I smacked a deer on my dirt bike several years ago and received a pretty good concussion. For a couple of weeks, I couldn't find my butt with either hand, but the symptoms faded pretty quickly after that..........I think. :ride:

Thanks! Guess I'll just have to wait it out... so I guess no tobogganing or shinny? :ride:

After a bunch of years playing football, racing downhill Mt. Bikes back when “sissies” wore real moto helmets, and a huge get off in a shifter kart I am embarrassed to say that I have been unconscious eight times. I am way too embarrassed or brain dead to try to count the “minor” concussions.

After the first few lights out incidents I had a week or so of motor skill weirdness, and probably a month or so of hard to explain memory issues. Fine balance was also an issue for a month or so.

After the last few I have had some pretty bad memory issues, and a hell of a vertigo feeling with my eyes shut. My fine motor skills are pretty good after awhile.

The other side of this is that I know people who have permanently lost specific motor skills permanently after just one thump to the head.

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