BMW G650 XChallenge?


I currently own a 2004 XR 250R, which has done too many km's. I want to keep it, but also want a second bike which is:

- nice to ride off road (why else would i want a bike? :ride:)

- nice to ride on highways (something my XR really struggles with)

- suitable for occasional riding to/from work when she has the car (XR is fine for this, except it's kick start)

- has room for a pillion passenger, but won't be used often

- i love tight trails, but i'm keeping the XR so this bike won't be used there

A local bike shop is selling a 2007 model BMW G650 XChallenge for AUD$8,900 (the bike is AUD $14,000+ new to put the currency into perspective), it has 25,000km's and should be in excellent condition (the shop is one of the best mechanics in town, so they would have fixed any problems).

It looks like the perfect bike for me, what do you guys think?

I'm a bit nervous about the 9.5L tank. That's the same size as my XR and sometimes I wish the tank was bigger (I've never ran out, but i have had to stop more often than I'd like). BMW claims it does "up to 100km per 3.5L" and 200km per tank under normal riding, and various reviews confirm it has good fuel economy. But that's hard to believe, it's about the same as my 250cc XR gets with the same tank size!!

I don't have a trailer, so i usually need to ride the bike for an hour or two of highway before I find some dirt. I don't want to be tired when I get there (that happens on the XR, i have to duck down a bit to keep it at highway speed and hold the handlebars rigid to keep it strait and push it flat out to overtake cars). Most of the riding I do tends to be a mix of compact sand and some rocks in fairly dry terrain, with occasional creek/small river crossings (nothing deep). There's also some rainforest with lots of mud in the area, but I don't really like riding there.

The sticky thread says to list my riding experience and height/weight. I'm a bit over 6 foot tall, about 80 or 90kg, and the XR is the first bike I've ever ridden. I've had it for 5 years and am reasonably competent. I probably go a bit faster than most riders, but I wouldn't win any races.

My dad has a fairly recent model honda transalp, and my brother an old transalp. I've ridden both and like them, but dad's new one isn't comfortable for someone my height (due to faring) and the old one is too old/unreliable for me (i don't want a bike i have to repair all the time). They're both a bit heavier than the G650 and slightly less powerful, so I'm guessing they'd give me a good idea what this will be like? (especially my brother's older one)

i reckon the 450 version the bmw would be good!

less fuel consumption and enough power

Check the feedback at ADVRider; I seem to recall there being some issues with these (but honestly I never really paid attention, so I could be off base. Nonetheless, the ADVR guys will give you the straight dope.)

Thanks for the reference porterdog, ADVRider has a thread dedicated to listing G550 problems, it seems nearly everyone has had major electrical issues, mostly fixed by replacing the genuine part battery with a third party one.

There were a few other electrical problems too, but i suspect they may be the same issue. It also seems to be more common with the 2009 G650, not so much the 2007 model.

Definitely something to ask the dealer about before deciding if I'll buy this bike.

They've sold the Xchallenge, so I missed out... but I had a test ride on a 2008 KTM 690 Enduro... and am in love!

It's exactly what I'm looking for, though it'll hurt the bank a bit. :ride:

Got my loan approved, will be picking up a 2008 KTM 690 Enduro at the end of the week! :ride:

It was much more expensive than the G650X I wanted, but slightly newer and has barely ever been ridden (it was the bike dealer's personal long-distance touring bike). I can't wait!!

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