this is so cool

Link doesn't work......... ya go. should work now. street legal quads too. i dont like quads but its cool that there are all of these combinations. when was the last time you saw a street legal, 125 two stroke, dual sport.

wow can tell your from cali..Out here if you have a dual sport go to walmart and get a bicycle mirror and horn and your street legal.

Also every thing can be street legal here with a brake light, head light, mirror, horn. This includes sand rails, rhinos, quads, golf carts, go carts, 2 strokes.

Same here in UK. Got street legal quads, buggies (sand rail type things) and all sorts. California just seems to be a trouble making sh't hole dictatorship!

yes we are getting royally screwed lol. my friend and i did throw a brake light, turn signals, and a plate on the drz 400 i got, but figured it would be a problem to get pulled over, and the cop scan the plate, then come to me and say: "this doesnt look like no gsxr1000 to me." lol. when i have the income, finish college, and get alittle older i plan to perhaps either move to northern california, or to a northern state without all the regulations of "smog!!!" and all this other junk.

When I was in Rome two year, I saw a quad with a passenger cruising past the Coliseum and the police weren't chasing them.

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