In need of more pink dirtbike stuff.

I am going to need to invest in pink ridding gear and plastic. I already have two girls. They share a ttr 50, they are getting tired of sharing, might need another kid bike soon.

Just found out that the wife and I are having a third girl. Looks like more pink in my future. I am just happy for healthy girls (wife included) who like camping and ridding dirtbikes. A boy would have been nice but I am happy.


congrats brother....girls are not sure i could handle a son...if he was anything like me :ride:

Was that a BMW, how terrible.

look farther down there is a ktm too.

the beemer is just lame cause it is a guys and he looks like he is wearing eyeliner or is it guyliner....but the ktm is badass, come on a girl riding a 990 adv with custom pink paint gear and tutu gotta love it

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