2008 COmplete engine rebuild

been there.. done that.. it hurts.. but if you put some iodine on it.. it hardens it up real quick..


the 08 450 is very well known for engine slap, mine has been knocking down low for probly 30 hours and have seen no issues in performance or wear and tear


As of saturday night at 11:35pm i completed the build of the bike. The list is as follows..

1. Replaced all engine bearings, mains, counter balancer, water pump, etc and seals coinciding.

2. replaced all tranny bearings except for clutch pull lever on case

3. Replaced crank/CRod assy

4. Replaced piston, rings, wristpin, and cylinder

5. replaced all gaskets, all seals, etc.

As far as the motor is concerned, I basically replaced wear parts. The knock that originally initiated this teardown was diagnosed to be piston slap due to wear on piston and cylinder. The knock is gone. everything shifts, runs, pulls, twists, etc as good as when new. With the addition of the suspension and the steering stabilizer, she is very stable and holds lines better than any bike i've ridden to date. I am very happy with my setup. I want to post pics and will try later tonight

What was your total cost for the engine/tranny overhaul?


I'd love to be able to tell you, but the pile of invoices and receipts is still staring at me. To be honest, i'm kinda scared to total it up. However, I will try to do so asap and post it up.

sick of it all,

Nice one, i prefer to have NO blisters ever. I rode 40 miles at white rock this past weekend....one weekend after initially incurring the blisters and i'll have to say that my hands are holding up well. Hopefully, i am layering on "tough" skin that will endure, as i am racing a 75 mile enduro this coming weekend! I cant wait, i'm almost about to jump outta my shoes to go riding again!

Doing the top end again now and having some issues with the whole "getting it running" part of the rebuild. Something has gone arai!

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