split cases for crank seal?

Ok, iv heard different instructions by people that say i have to, and dont to replace the crank seal (04' cr250) as you can see # 28, it looks like the seal comes out without needing to but unless theres another seal? Im suckin transmition fluid like crazy! My rod is in cood condition, no up and down movement. Thanks for any input.


Honda's do not require you to split the cases to change out the crank seals. KX's are the only motor's I've seen where you do have to split the motor.

Thanks, just by looking at the seal, it looks like nothing is wrong with it. not moving or anything.

Check the crank at the seal for any up/down movement and the primary seal collar. Doesn't matter what the seal looks like, replace it and the collar provided the main bearings are ok. You can find the part number for the collar under "CLUTCH" on a parts finder/fiche.

If the main bearings are bad, split the cases and replace all of it.

lets have a moment of silence and thank the good lord the guys at honda were alittle smarter than the nitwits at kawasaki when they designed the seals to be replaced only from the inside.

I know lol, i was just to spend a few buck on tools to split the cases!! (knock on wood)

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