1988 XT350 part-out!!

I need a clutch perch with the mirror mount. Clutch lever would be nice too, but not necessary.

What do you have left from the engine/wiring? I don't need it now, but might in the future.

I have bothe the perch lever and the lever itself.. ill get a pic tomorrow..

Sweet, as long as the condition is decent, I'll take it. While you're at it, can you tell me the shipping to 17315?

It's not a make or break deal, but does this one have the clutch-starter lock out switch? This is currently by-passed on the bike because it's got a universal perch (no switch, no mirror mount), but I'd like to put it back in if possible.

Could you get back to me with how much you want for it at least? I'm got almost all the parts I need ordered, except for this.

PM me, I'll send you my email so you can send me photos that way if you're having problems with photos.


hey.. sorry i got called into work.. off tomorrow.. ill send pics.

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