ktm 450 sxf 2007 clutch basket problem.

hi all,

I feel the luckeist guy on earth at the minute, just doing a regular oil change on my ktm 450sxf and when taking the oil filler plug of something court my eye which what looked to be a very small hair line crack on my clutch basket, then after flicking the starter switch i noticed it was cracked at every tooth in the right hand side corner. dont no if this has just happened as i have resently fitted a rekluse pro, or may of been like this for a while.so stripped down the right side and removed the basket, the rekluse and the rest of the basket are in mint condition with no sign's of ware at all so thought it cant be the rekluse thats done it.

it's a standard basket fitted,has any one else had this problem and will a aftermarket basket be stronger.

A Hinson basket will be stronger.

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