2006 YZ250 Spark plug gap???

I bought my bike used and did not get a manual with it so I was not sure on the gap. It came with a br8eg and appears from reading here most are running the BR8ES with no performance difference----True?? or just stick with the BR8EG. Thanks---

I am fairly sure the gap is 0.8mm, but should come pre set from NGK. And yeah that standard ignition is designed to be used with a BR8EG, but most get away with a BR8ES.

Or you could save money and get the B8ES, I believe the R is for resistor and our bikes dont need them

I've been using B7ES for years in both my 2003 YZ250 and 2001 YZ125 and rarely foul a plug. The 7's are one step hotter and prevent cold start fouling.


Are you guys sure on the .8MM spark plug gap? The one I took out only has .5MM gap as well as the new plug is .5MM. I wish they had the service manual on line so I could check it. Correct gap please??????

0.5- 0.6mm 0.020-0.024 in per my yamaha manual..

yep, .5-.6mm as per my manual as well.

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