09 450 hard starting

What`s up guys! Do you guys ever have a hard time starting your 450`s when it`s cold? I`m one bigger on pilot and main jets. Air screw is 2 turns out. Valves are perfect. Should I be juicin the throttle once or twice before trying? It only does it at first start up of the day. Thanks!

Give the throttle two good twists. Turn on your choke. Then kickstart with out turning the throttle. When you are riding in cold temps you should also consider a more viscous oil, I run Rotella synthetic 5-40 when riding in the cold temps up here, and it helps the starting of the bike.

Once the bike starts, leave the choke on for a while and don't start revving the engine until it is pretty warm, let the oil get a chance to coat the motor and warm up for a while before revving.

How does your plug look? Old gas?

it gets alot easier as it loosens up.

You know, for some reason this is the only 450 out of 7 that I have had to give a twist of the throttle before starting. The plug is new and gas is good. Thanks for the advise guys!

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