2010 CRF250 Tb insert or camshaft

I want to add more power to my bike but I want a bolt on part, I have a yoshi full system and a no toil air filter with backfiring screen(can I remove the backfiring screen for performance?) and I'm thinking of a remap but if I but the camshaft do I still need the TB insert?


Try mapping first. I have a full yoshi system and pim2 and its definitely faster. It loves to rev and mid to top is amazing but its hard for me to keep it off the rev limiter turning it up so much. Im going to try the TB insert and 14 tooth drive sprocket so it will turn up a little slower. I'm also going to get a loud mouth filter system :ride:

07 CRF250R

10 CRF250R

if u get cams etc, its better without the tb insert, as the full size throttle body works better apparently, this isnt what i have tested, this is just what ive herd around, but i went a slip on fmf with the tb insert and back to stock gearing, and the bike is pretty good now.

What about the backfiring screen is it good to remove it?

Yes but you will need a remap otherwise it will run worse.

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