Xr 650 r

Is it possible to get my 2003 XR 650 r plated and inspected in Texas.

Try the Texas regional forum, mebbe?

I had one plated in Texas, but that was about 5 yrs ago.

I bought it that way, so I can't help you with the process.

yes and it's easy

DOT tires


hi/low beam headlight w/high beam indicator light

brake light


need "green" sheet inspection (now yellow in color) from mc dealer to show it has all the requirements for on highway use. need to have motorcycle insurance for inspection.

show inspection sheet and title at dmv.. tell them you need to convert the title and show them the inspection sheet and insurance. will have to pay tax on bike and title/license fee.

ride it home:ride:

Try the Texas regional forum, mebbe?



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