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California Its summer 2005.

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back when it was legal to ride on our land. Damn near 5 years ago and at this point I am on my 3rd dirtbike since 2002, a screaming little smoker quarter horse race bike. Wanna know why I know it was 2002 that started it all???

Damone bought his XR 400 brand new that year because a bunch of redneck yahoos decided they were gonna ride dirt bikes.(more on that later) And he is still riding the same 400 and the thing won't die, he's gotten more mileage out of that bike than anyone I know. We all bought new bikes, but none lasted. And it has had a cracked rear fender for over five years, thanks to my wife. we will get to that too.

Here's a ride report with pictures, not one ride report, many years worth. take it slow, we got nothing better to do since we can't really ride due to the now wet weather closures(which in theory i tend to agree with), currently not on the MTB because of a self imposed drying out period for the trails. Even the MTB will tear up a trail when wet, but some people don't care, and as long as the trail is legally open, then I don't officially care either. Besides mud rides are second only to icy snow rides. I generally hate snow, save for one great ride, some time ago. we will get to that too.

It was 2005 and the fender was cracked. Notice that this was back when we may have actually cared about matching the gear to the bike, back when all was relatively new and exciting. Damone the largest tree frog in the forest. Hand hewn single track through the forest, hope we can still find it one day.


Also notice the stock plug in that stock pipe, many have seen that view as the tree frog motored by. You don't need a full blown mx bike with loud exhaust to crash and bang into trees. Its probably going to be close to 100 degrees later this day, its early and we were DEEP in a west side trail,

Everyone is worrying about ride reports and pictures, oh my what do we do?

Just do a different style maybe. Oldie style.

I got up early today, because i am old and that is what geezers do. found some old pics on a disc, thought I'd share.

Dog days of summer 2005 looking from the big knob at the end of an old ungated logging road.


I am not afraid to put up pictures now, because the statute of limitaions is up. You can't bitch about what

happened 5 years ago, its over, done.

But regardless what we were doing, it was still legal to do in our national forests, I am afraid places like these

and memories like these will begin to fade, as they choke more and more land off from the people. You can't feel

this place from the picture, you can't smell the air, or remember how hot it was already, see the things close up,

and understand how steep and rugged the land. This is where Ishi lived. The Last indian to be found kind of

rugged. th_100_1457.jpgYou are looking down on the northern sacramento valley in the general vicinity of vina, in general facing

south west. You could see the radio and tv towers off in the distance at the staging area, where the local tv

station, showed this rock knob every day. Ishi lived within 20 miles of this, give or take.


The usual suspects were there, but one inparticular shone out from the crowd.

Some say, he is now skulling small paddle boats like his viking ancestors, his ego is large, and at this time, he

rode the wolf.

Note the radio and tv towers, haven't been back to this place in almost 4 years. This spring, I am getting dropped off in Chico and riding ponderosa all the way back to Redding, maybe my old buddies will have license plates on their bikes by then, if we were ballsy, we'd bring a small sleep bag and some fish poles, a few bottles of whisky, some medicine and some food and make a night of it, like the old days. Toy haulers and fancy trucks, are nice but getting out and sleeping on the ground didn't hurt anyone.


Later, we found out, sockets, make great shifters.


First time I ever got bob to come up and ride, probably what

made him decide to never do it again. One other guy, got to learn what true Nor Cal was about, this is the squid

filter area, the proving grounds. that ride was well chronicled back in the day.

After a dip, we hit the road it was hotter than hades and dusty.


Here we are in the middle of the forest, we found these areas and made minor imrovements to the existing trail

system and logging roads, shutter didn't quite open, always thought it was a cool picture. mathis on the left, on

his then new CRF450, at least he had bark busters.


Edge of the cliff. see below.


Back in 2001, it started back up for me. Talking to my good buddy at work one day and we start talking about dirt

bikes. He always rode MTB, I used to ride when younger, but that was eons ago, and i was older than dirt at 30 and

he was pushing up daisies at 27. Our time had past. But i basically dared him to get a bike, my dad had an oldie

that I could ride. Some buddies of his(i'd meet later, with a wierd twist) had gotten the new 2001 yzf 426 and

another had a cr 250. About a week after i got my dad's old DR 125, the first ride was set,jeremy was sharing a xr

350 with some guy named paul. We were meeting at pauls and heading for the hills. Dude still rides the 426.

damone is borrowing a quad from his father in law, was this our first meeting. I had a hero moment later that day,

as I passed the whole crew when they failed a hill, and I motored past on the little thumper, asking if they were

ok. it snaked up the edge of a huge cliff over looked devils kitchen, no finer name could be found. The gnarliest

spot puts you 5 feet on red mud away from 400 foot cliff, not bad if you know its coming, but when you have no

idea. WOW That was it, that was the moment, we decided to get dirtbikes the first ride at what became one of my favorite

places. Damone had an old XR 500, i decided brilliantly to buy a TTR225, norcalwr got a 2002 WR250, and dave

bought a ttr 250 with college loan money. Within a month it seems, and after a few more rides, damone gets the xr

400. We rode every weekend, rain or shine and the adventure was high.

The crew taking a break.


Thanks to the forest service and the new rules. I won't technically be able to get to this spot unless I walk, no biggie for me, but if you are old, young or disabled forget it.

I'll work on some more later.

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Add in comments where they apply. 2005 was a good year for us, I am finding some good old pics and remembering some good stories.

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That year spawned the trails on the other side of that hill. They are all now officially closed due to new Rule.

Good thing we looked at the map before we sent the trail of those pics you show in for mapping.

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Nice Pics!

Where is Charleton Heston?

I saw a dating website and how your girl will be into everything you are into, etc. etc. :ride: :ride:

When I was a kid, a duel sported XR500 was my dream bike! I had one duel sported Suzuki DR 185?

I've had the good fortune of riding out there just 3 times. I have the GPS track too but I'm just too scared to ride that area without a local. Go 100 yards and have 1000 turns.

This is one area where folks are very protective. Stalking, threats, non-sharing, it's almost like a cult! :lol:

And I understand why!

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Slyko, you have never ridden cohasset ridge to the best of my knowledge. 50 miles from highway seventy. Follow along, I tell you EXACTLY where I am.

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That year spawned the trails on the other side of that hill. They are all now officially closed due to new Rule.

Good thing we looked at the map before we sent the trail of those pics you show in for mapping.

Yeah, the death of many trail, one sqaure on the map is green the other is white, checkerboard of private and public land, and the lassen has essentially Zero trails.

heston is standing by the dead tree.

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Slyko was there with bigbob. I remember.

Dont recall other two times, but I wasnt everywhere.

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2005 was one of those years with some big TT rides, back when a lot of us still did those kinds of rides. Seemed like someone was posting some kind of ride every week, and usually several TTers would show up. Someone always carried a camera back then, and we usually had plenty of pics on those rides.

February at Clear Creek, I think there were 16 of us:


April at Stony ZekeDawg showed a bunch of us around, and showed us how to use a mini-visegrip for a lever:


Summer was a bit late coming, this was Elkins in May:


But the late snows made for lots of this kind of fun:


In June there was the big Polka Dots Nevada High Country ride:


Of course the summer included some great NorCal rides at some of the usual places:






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Good to see some pics of the Ridge, first place I ever went "riding" in ~Feb 2006 with my first bike. Good times.

I heard this fall that they did some serious logging in the area. Can't wait to hit the high country again when the snow melts, granite is the best! Great for naps.

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2005 was a good year, it was the year of the ride, at stonyford, where slyko, knockd down the three kawi's, peakriders huge ass gas hog, motorhome, and racing Olde Dude up a trail 36 in the roots and rocks, wile1 and maybe big dan. Trail riders gone moto, but they are forgiven. This ride started out with me bigbob and damone testing out trail 28 at stonyford. 100_0868.jpg


It was an awesome weekend, the weather couldn't have been better.

Back then this lil ripper, was already thinking of the dirt bikes that were yet to be ridden. Already ready to start twisting throttles. Once she gets going now there is no stopping, she is ready for a xr 70 now, or maybe a 110


it was april and the dirt was perfection. I think it may have been the first time meeting peakrider, olde dude and sylko, had ridden with bob before. This was the warm up to the WCTTR4 down in foresthill in may 2005. I am telling you, this was a big summer for riding, just like oldedude said.

So after we take bob out on 28 we decided to head back to camp as the rest of the crew was coming and we had partying and beer drinking to do. had some good laughs and were looking forward to the next days ride. Hopefully some others can fill in a bit.

This is the day that Slyko decides to jet his bike in his jammies and slippers. I've told this story before so won't bore you with the details, but lets just sum it up by saying, slyko is slow. headed up the access trail then up m5 and 30 to the big interesction, this is before they built the start of trail 20 off the intersection .






this can only be slyko.


Damone and either peakrider or dan(wearing shorts)


Wile 1 was there for sure, and some other TTers' that I don't recall, maybe you can name names if you know them. 100_0893.jpg


so after slyko finally gets the bike rolling, we hit trail 22, this is where the infamous kawi killing, steaming pile of orange mystic is born. three dirt bikes taken out with one size 16 moto boot, impressive. Sadly no pics.

Mystical peakrider, I know because of the orange helmet.


Sunday, is the day I used a pair of vise grips to actuate, the throttle cable after it wore completely out. oldedude so graciously had a picture of that available. I tried to get them to continue the ride but every one insisted on following me back down the hill. That coast back down is where i learned that coasting the long down hills with no motor is both safer(you can hear others coming up) and funner, develops skills. I do it all the time know and just cackle and laugh all the way down.

Good times indeed.

This was also the year that, we lost another OHV area. Nothing special, nothing great but really what is more beautiful than going out for a ride with the family.

This was black butte and it was operated by the army corpse of engineers. there was a tragic accident, and they closed the place for good, gone forever.


Which trip was it that the big old motorhome came down the access trail, was that the time the XR and ktm both broke down and there was snow visible on the chapparel above camp. Later if I find pics we can get into that.

There was another big stony ride that year. Barefoot bob and the boys from lake county rode over to meet up with us and go for a ride. they got in over 120 miles that day.

BFB and his infamous Flame TT graphics on the WR.


This ride was after may 2005, because if I remember, the WCTTR4 was the big unveiling of the Flame graphics.

The boys rode over from the lake county side, we promised them gas to return home, and bfb brought some julio for Damone. I don't drink tequilla often, I may have had a snort.

Some of us are a little more rotund in this picture.


notice how the gear no longer needs to match, it is now function over fashion, shit was getting more serious.

Couple of the younger riders.


So the young girl in this picture is now 14. Last time at stonyford, she got to go on the big loop with the big boys. There is alwasy concern on gas and if she can do this or that trail. We always knew she could do most of it, but the confidence wasn't always there. Gas, truly, would never be a problem. She started on an xr 80, and rode it like a beast, then rm 85, then ttr 125, then she decided whe could ride the big bikes, and started screwing around on crf 250 s and wr 450s, even once I believe she took a turn on the 525s. But now she has been riding a cr 125 and it was time to go. Got no pictures of this ride and it is a shame, but as curt pointed out, we all used to carry cameras but those days appear to be over, just don't take pictures of the average rides now, but realize that those pictures help turn an average ride into ones you can remember vividly and last forever.

well we took her up 34 to 36 out to 43 then down 33 round to letts lake, 14 out the roads to 7 and then 3 and down 20 and finally down 40. Anyone who has been down 40 knows it is steep, and this day it was muddy too. She railed the whole day and kept pace with us with no issues. She can ride better than most men and if she had the desire to run in the races, would be in the top 3 most if not all the time.

Edited by ZEKEDAWG

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I think GSXRJason was on the slyko jammie parade also.

After 14yo ride down 40 I ask her back at camp "howd you like that 40", she says "yeah it was good".

I say, "I was scared in a couple of spots". She laughed.

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I am going to start carrying the camera again.

If nothing else, to help remember the day.

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I was thinking on my last ride ( Stony ) that I needed to start taking the camera with me again. My memory sucks and at least with pics I can start to remember most of the rides from years gone by.

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Yep, everyone worrying about posting ride reports and what not got me to thinking. F it, post them and make the reports, thats what we all got in the sport to do, have some adventure and excitement and share it.

If you ever have the idea that the words"should have" might pop up some day, well, then you might as well do it now.

I don't want any "should haves" hanging over my shoulder.

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