JD Racing ignition for TC250 - Bali Husky

We have now installed this ignition system on 2 of our 2010 TC250's. One common result is a VAST improvement on BOTH bikes, especially towards the top end. In fact I would go as far as to even say a dramatic improvement and if you are serious racer well worth the purchase!!!

There is though one conflicting point. One of the bikes has a full Devil exhaust system and the other the full HGS system complete with a thinner needle and jet set that came with the exhaust. The bike that has the Devil system is almost impossible to start off the kick and has to be bumped while the HGS is no where as difficult and can normally be kick started.

Does anyone know why this may be?? Before installing the JD ignition the bike was easy to start. Any tips would be greatly appriciated!! Bottom line though the JD system is a great piece of gear!

I don't know but I do know I would give JD a call; they are the experts. Are you running a 40 pilot? Also have you heard about the carb kits we should be receiving from Husky?

Yup the one with the Devil exhaust is still a 40 pilot. I am aware of the new Carb kits and I think that is why maybe the HGS system works better for starting as it came with different jetting & needle kit. We are going to change the Devil system to another HGS system anyhow so hopefully this will solve the problem ;o)

I did have the same problem on my old TC250 -08, when i used a jd racing ignition.

I set my floatlevel to 9-10mm, it did start a little better after that.

But when i disconnect the gear position sensor, all my problems disappeared

Sorry, what is the gear position sensor??? Do the 2010 models have this??

have u had the carby mod recall or is that an australian thing? they change the needle, hot start plunger, carby bowl nut, leak jet and main & polit? really works 1 hp from std just in jetting and start way better they also worked out the kickstart gear ratio is to small so u need to kick it fum top of the stroke like a 450.. so one big kick full stroke?

Jurss020. Yes our bikes cam from Australia and we have already installed the carb mod, good stuff too!! Didn't make any difference though to the JD ignition, still couldn't really get it to start off the kick. We have ended up taking the JD ignition off now and now starting is easy again!

Have you done any other mods?

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