carb swap 426 to 400

Great advice guys, but there is not exact answer on carbs here. I have a 98 yz400f. That is having all of the described problems and want to change my carb but I would like an exact answer because I cannot afford to screw this up. If the 07 450 carb works great on the 01 426 then shouldt I get that one? And what do I jet it to?

Any YZ450 carb will work well on your 400. The '05 and later carbs will work a bit better because they are more technically sophisticated.

You aren't seeing an exact answer to your particular question because there isn't one. The fact is, however, that the 450 carb will most likely work very well with the stock jetting for the year model the carb came from. You should start there and see if any changes are necessary.

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