What shock springs will fit on an 03 YZ125?

I've got a stock 03 yz125 that I need to go up on the spring rate in the rear. The 03 yz250f is a 4.7, and the 03 yz250 is a 4.9. Either of these rates will work fine, and I assume the 03 model springs would swap out. Does anyone know the other years of oem yz250f and yz250 springs that would work on the 03 yz125? I'm asking about oem springs because I am assuming I should be able to find a take off cheap somewhere as opposed to buying a new aftermarket spring. Thanks!

I know that springs from '96 through '09 will fit, and perhaps some earlier years also.

The shocks are physically interchangeable as complete units, also, with only slight differences in eye-to-eye lengths.

I ran a 2003 shock on my 2006 last year, and now have it on a 2005.

The later springs, 2006-09, would they work, really? I dont know for sure, but I do know the shock body got larger during that time. However, a ti spring would be cool.

I have one if you need a measurement. I'll charge only 14.99 plus freight, dealer prep, tax and license to measure the spring.

Hey, if the dealers can charge this, why not I????

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