YZ250F (Qty 2) NEW - FOR SALE

BRAND NEW never ridden (qty 2) YZ250F fourstrokes for sale. Anticipated delivery:

(1) in Dec '00

(1) in Jan '01

Bikes will be located in Minnesota.

Price = $5600 No Tax!

(Shipping to most major US cities can be arranged and will cost between $150-$275 depending on the destination location).

Call 480-891-8442 or email pjwmx@yahoo.com if interested, ask for Paul. Leave a message with your name and phone number if no one answers, I check my voicemail regularly.

That's $400 more than I paid for my 426! I don't think so!

Thanks for your support Boit! From your post on the WR side it looks like you might be reconsidering a 250F...

Thanks for the feedback Jim. Some local dealers are charging $6200 here in AZ, not including the tax.

Paul in AZ

wow $6200 is steep. I got mine for 5499 plus tax and $100 setup

Paul: Yep, at these prices ole Boit won't be a 250F owner. The only reason I bought the 426 was $5199. I'm getting to be a stubborn geezer in my old age.. :)

I'm with you Boit- $5100 here. The prices will come down after the new wears off...


The problem with the 250F is it seems to be in limited production, with very high hype and demand. Many buyers will get jacked by the dealers, especially in CA.

That is a very fair price if I didnt already have one coming in I would take you up on it.

I wanted to mention that the $5600 price on the new YZ250F includes all fees and expenses (if you pick it up in Minnesota). The bikes will be new in the crate, you install the handlebars, front fender and front wheel. Shipping is extra, it will be $275 or less to most major cities in the US.

You can get them for 6700 canadian ... u figure out the money diference. People from Michigan are always over here buying bikes. Took forever to get one for myself. Preordered from the americans.. :)

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