What gives? '90 XT350 w/ 6V bat???

Opened up my new-to-me 1990 XT350 and found a 6V battery. Everything I've read says the XT is 12V, TT is 6V.

Did some of the XT350s come with 6V systems?

My 83 XT250 is 6V. Now that I'm thinking about, my brother in-laws 2005? TW200 is 6V as well, which I must admit surprised me. You'll like the 6V when you have to replace the battery:thumbsup:

You'll like the 6V when you have to replace the battery:thumbsup:

But I'm having trouble finding 6V flushmount LED replacement flashers...

I do some looking around, hopefully someone here has some info on the flashers.

Now I'm really confused... the taillight bulb is 12V.

How can a 6V battery work in a 12V system?

Before I took it all apart, the headlight and taillight worked, but the brake lights did not. The turn signals came on, but did not blink.

It appears to me that I have a 6V battery where I should have a 12V battery. However, I would think a 6V battery in a 12V circuit would boil out and go kaput!


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I think your bike is 12V, I've never seen anyone stick in a 6V battery in a 12V system. It's normal for blinkers to come on and not blink in a 6V system if the battery is not at a 100%.

There are quite a few others here with XT350's, someones got to know! ANYONE!

my 1986 XT is 12V, I seriously doubt that a 6 volt was used on a 1990.

My '89 XT350 is 12V.

Ok, the 6V battery is history... gonna replace it with a 12V bat.

I'm just perplexed that someone would put a 6V bat in there, and puzzled that it did not fry! :ride:

EDIT: From the Clymer Service Manual 1985-2000:

When purchasing a new battery, the correct battery capacity for XT350 models is 12V/3 amp hours.
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Found the correct 12V battery at Interstate, a perfect fit, so now the tail light and turn signals are a little brighter.

Well, just in case anyone has some insight, I thought I would describe the last remaining gremlin. A new 12V battery and adjusting the position of the rear brake switch eliminated all but one problem. The turn signals do not blink.

I replaced the themral flasher with a 552, and they still don't blink. All four lights and the idiot light will illuminate, but none will blink. What's more puzzling is that the turn signal lights work with the headlight, directly off the magneto. Only the brake lights work off the battery, with the engine off. I thought only the headlight was supposed to work directly off the magneto.

Well, it turns out the turn signal switch is wired in a way that bypasses the thermal flasher. I'll chase the circuit later... for now I removed the turn signals so I can get it inspected.

Jason was correct!

Woo hoo! :thumbsup:

What do I win!

The YB3L-B, which is the battery listed on HERE as the battery for the XT350, is a 12V battery, as shown HERE, at the bottom of the page.

Woo hoo! :thumbsup:

What do I win!

You get my hearty "Thank You!"

We'll discuss it again next month, after I return from Big Bend, when I figure out how the bozo rewired my flashers... that is, if I miss 'em enough.

I like the idea of going all AC, and eliminating the battery, which I read about somewhere on ADVRider. I also like the idea of stripping my XT350, removing the DC stuff, as well as the plastic side panels, airbox & rear pegs. Maybe add a couple of aluminum bars on the rear peg mounts for keeping Swiss Army Bread Bags out of the rear wheel. It could be a dual sport bike that's as simple as a box of rocks!

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