YZ250F Motor full of Mud

So, one of my best customers came in with a problem. His son sank his YZ250F in 3 feet of mud, and it took 20 minutes to pull the bike out. After the bike was pulled from the mud, the kid (great kid, didn't know better) started the motor and rode off. Obviously, it died in 10 seconds and won't restart.

The motor is FULL of mud. Bottom end has 2 pounds of mud in it, valves, head, carb is full of mud. Oil lines are full of mud. BUT, the cooling system drained perfect Engine Ice! Wooohoo!

Would YOU rebuild this 2004? Or buy a $1400 ebay motor?

I do my own work and would clean the motor. But then, I would not have cranked it up either. '04 may not be worth spending that much for a replacement motor unless its got some high performance work done to it. If engine builds are your specialty, I'd be worried about it coming back. Sounds like it pumped goop into all the bearings and everywhere, so it's basically toast. Hand it back to him at the end of a 10 foot pole and don't touch it.

If that bike were mine, I would part it out and start over. If I really liked the bike, I might go with the eBay motor, and rebuild the other one as a side project.

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