Good Post on YZ450 forum

Check out the post on the YZ450 forum called:

The Art of Wheelspin and the Gyro effect. Our great TT member EGO asked this:

"I have been watching and trying to figure the effects of Wheel spin and the Gyro effect when in the air.

I see different styles and techniques in getting the front to push down or raise up depending on the jump face / landing. I noticed some tap the rear brake or use the throttle or some tap the front and rear brake for effect.

I have no idea on how this works, I am a simple minded man, keep both feet on the pegs and jump no higher then my Butt / skills allows for.

I am fascinated though how these guys can control the direction of the bike in mid flight....."

All the answers are really fun reading! :D

I thought there were recent post debating this on our forum and wanted to let are guys know the reasons why you can control flight attitude:

Gyroscopic stability keeps bikes at high speed from falling over and makes them slower steering the faster you go. The rotational inertia change in rotation is why we have flight control on jumps. The rear tire is rotating as we jump. If you accelerate the rear tire with the throttle there is an equal and opposite reaction for the bike to rotate the opposite way about the rear wheel axle ( lifting the front wheel ). Rear brake or engine braking does the opposite ( makes the front end dive). Also the front wheel has rotational inertia and using the front brake to stop the front wheel will assist in bringing the rear end up. :)

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