Has anyone applied for YouTube partnership program?

I got a request to join this program when one of my videos reached 30,000 views. Has anyone done this and how much do you actually make? Just seeing if it's worth it.

Link to your video that had that many views please. :ride:

I haven't read the fine print on that partnership, but when I heard about it it sure seemed like a good deal. I didn't see any way that you could lose doing it.

I asked this before, but no one knew.

Wasn't to sure what it was about but they said if they found any copyright stuff then they would delete the video!

I didn't get a request until my video reached almost 300 000 views...

I wouldn't mind a check in the mail, but if they're going to delete my work they can go F themselves, not worth the money.

Hmm, I've never heard of it.

Of course, none of my videos have got past 300 views yet.:ride:

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