When I bought my X I figured i would build some dirt wheels and switch back and forth when i wanted to ride road or trails.But i've found that I have left my dirt wheels on all the time and i have no need for the x wheels.I've advertised them on tt for awhile with little interest. I have the big disc and caliper that goes with.I want 500 for them,Does sound like a decent price,I've got a lot more than that in my dirt set up. Any thoughts?

If I had the spare cash I'd buy them tonight. That sounds like a great price and I can't believe no one has grabbed them yet.

post some pics i'm really interested or pm me

better have them and not need them, than need them and not have them. I never put mine back on either,but it still a 1100$ wheel setup !

That is a great deal for a full set up.

Kind of glad you aren't local or it would be hard to resist even though I'd almost never use them. And I'd probably get in trouble when I did use them unless it was on a track.

email pics to tyler@magiksc.com, I'm interested

Thanks to all who responded,Im working a deal local but if it falls through ill get pics to those who requested them. Mark

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