07 450 SwingArm Pivot Bearing

The pivot bearing on my swing arm where the lower part of the shock connects is quite stiff, so much so that I can barely move it. Not too sure how it should normally respond to trying to move it with your fingers. Is it safe to say that it's shot? I see in the manual that its teflon coated and that grease shouldn't be applied.

Proabably the results of the dreaded power-washer. Thanks in advance for the help.

It´s supposed to be like that. That indicates it´s in good condition. Once you have the shock bolted on lift the rear wheel (bike on a stand) and feel if there´s any play on it. If there is it will be shot soon. If not - it´s good.

And keep the pres. washer away from it !

Thanks VilleKTM. I was hoping you'd respond...

It´s my duty as a fellow KTM owner ! :ride:

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