CL350 running after 35 years

friend of mine needed help in getting his 72 CL350 running. It had sat in his Dad's garage for nearly 35 years. Bike is like a time capsule, absolutely mint. Inside of tank was super clean. Carbs not so, cleaned em and reinstalled, checked adjusted points and started it. Ran clean and quiet. Replaced clutch cable, front brake cable, chain and sprockets upon his request. New tires and tubes too. I rode it yesterday and it is ok, not a powerhouse, and spooled up RPMS equal to speed i.e. 50 MPH = 5,000 RPM I was thinking with the smaller sprockets on the CL would drop the revs - as compared to an XL, but not so. Clutch is adjusted ok and not slipping, but overall I don't think it pulls as strong as a XL350.

I have in work a 71 SL350, frame is out for powder coating right now.

I'm working on a 71 sl350 currently. I have the engine out and doing top end./ Also if anyone needs, I have 4 sets of 350 twin oversize pistons and rings. $110 each set + shipping

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