Need a bearing or seal in a hurry?

i hate buying overpriced al a cart bearings and seals as i need em. bearing houses need to order everything as there is simply too much to stock. some times i need an odd seal or bearing right now on a saturday morning for tomorrow. i have been going around and around trying to get the right stuff for my stooopid talon wheels (bearing and seals), the wrong stuff came in again and i refuse to ride the big blue pig again... i woke up this morning on a mission. autozone carries timken parts (good stuff) if you can get the timken part number they can have it for you in less than a few hours in the major cities where they have a parts hub, and maybe a day in the burbs. thats the hard part as they cant search by sizes:bonk:

measure the part, reference it here


ball bearings for wheels etc:

roller bearings for suspension, tranny etc:

all products:

autozone or any other timken supplier can then look it up by the timken part number, so now i have my odd ball oversized talon wheel seal that was for the output shaft of some t-case in who knows what, being delivered in 30minutes. whoo hoo. napa can also cross timken numbers to thier suppliers: national, number. just make sure you click the "interchange" buttom when you search. napa catalog look up:

hope this helps someone someday


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