Easy question

Been looking at several used bikes. Want another yz 250 06 or newer. Love mine but it has been ridden very hard for a long time and just want to freshen up.

If the suspension has been sent off for a revalve and such for a particular riding style and sprung for a riders weight. If I weigh more or less can I just resring it from there and still reap the benefits of the revalve or is weight a factor also at the supension shop?

I ride 100% mx and will get a revalve if I have to but would be nice to just respring it myself. Any body have the answer?


I think it's funny that suspension revalve is always a big selling point people emphasize on used bikes, when as you said when combined with springs it's targeted for an exact rider weight, riding type (MX, desert, etc.), and skill level.

Do you know how much different your riding style is than the seller? If you're similar and close in weight you will probably be fine to go up or down on the springs a little bit. But if you weigh a lot different it will probably act weird without a re-valve.

Kinda what I was thinking. Just trying to avoid spending it I suppose but looks like there will be no gettin around it. Thanks for the reply.

Thats a good question! I would say IMHO, You respring for your weight if

needed and then ride it! Take notes what you like and dislike. If its been revalved it maybe spot on. However, if the rear shock had a heavier spring

the rebound could of been or more likley been beefed up to cope with the heavier spring!

Make sure you set your bike up first! Meaning, Sag and tune your suspension.

If you find your clickers at the bottom of the range or the top you may need a revalve. Lets say your compression at around 4 or so from fully closed, its possible you may need a revalve. If it feels good there than run it! But it will most likely be harsh on the breaking and acceleration bumps.

Remember, suspension is personal, you may like your settings, but your buddy might think otherwise. Just my .02!


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