new xr4 need some help

i just picked up a 2000 xr400 and i need some help with it. there is no kill switch on the bike. there is a key wired in with a toggle switch next to it but they are no longer hooked up. i thought these bikes didn't come with key ignitions. am i wrong, did some come with them? or was it something someone added. anyway i need to know what wires are for the kill switch so that i can put one on. does anyone have a diagram, i have yet to find one online and don't wanna have to stall the bike out if i wanna ride. thanks

It sounds like you have a dual-sport kit added to the bike.

(If you have a USA XR400R.)

Mine has a Baja Designs dual sport kit. I have a rocker switch for On/Off, no kill switch. I've been riding that way for 10 years.

If you want to add a kill switch, add Y-connectors to the wires that come out of the key ignition. Keys on XR400's don't connect the power, they connect the kill switch. With the key in the off position, it is the same as holding down he kill button.

Some people wire in the kill switch to hidden toggle switches to prevent theft.

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