2007 kx250 suspension

my kx belonged to Nathan Woods. it was brand new when i got it last year. it has pro circut motor suspension and all the good stuff that you would expect. my issue is the suspension. the rear has the pc linkage also. i sent it to pc and they re-did it for my weight and riding style. (desert-woods- trail). im a intermidate rider. i hated the pc suspension so i sent it out to wr1 suspension. hes an old friend so he hooked me up. my problem is i hate it still. im lost on what to do. my sag is set everything should be right. im not sure if its just the bike. iv had crf,yz,ktm,husabergand other kx's. this thing is just terrible. anybody out there have any type of suggestions would be greatly appriciated. iv tried all the typical things that would normally work so dont bother with the stupid answers. thanks

P.S. 200 Ibs with gear, sag set, desert 3.1 g tank, pc linkage.

i hated the pc suspension so i sent it out to wr1 suspension. hes an old friend so he hooked me up. my problem is i hate it still. im lost on what to do.

did you call up wr1 and described the problems you still have (and asked for re-doing the suspension) ?

That's at least what i'd do.

ya he said he would take care of it but ***. im sick of dealing with this thing and just want it fixed. i cant keep throwing money at it anymore.

Hey man, you have PC suspension so sent it back to PC. PC guys know their suspension secrets. Ok you made it already but did you tell them exactly what you want and what you don't want your suspension to do?

Every time you decide to use another tuner, work just start from the beginning and it takes a lot of $ and time.

Why do you hate your suspension, is it stiff or soft no balance or what...? Do you know how the PC lingage differs from the std unit?

it seems way to harsh on the small studer bumps, desert woops, and square edge stuff yet goes through the travel all at the same time. it seems like the rising rate in the rear with the pc liknkage throws it off. in my shop with the bike free standing and me on the pegs, i bounce to kinda cycle through the travel and the front does nothing. it stays while the rear moves. my ktm 530 and crf 250x move together for the most part and they ride bitchen. im trying to get the feel of more of a x or exc feel, but have no luck. im wanting to try kawi 250f suspenders on mine to see iff that makes a difference.. im lost and just wanna throw the thing away. i love the power and the feel but the suspension is yet to my favor.

I would try a stiffer shock spring. If the PC lingage lowers the rear you may need to lower a fork a little (raise the fork legs).

As Jusa wrote, get the bike balanced and then it looks like you might have to ditch some face shims.

Not easy to give an advice without knowing the setup though

iv done that. i just got back 2hours ago and we messed with the thing all day long. my buddy that has a newer yz250 rode mine and he also thinks theres something wrong. hes 230 lbs and im 185lbs. his 250 feels way plush. yes his is done by CLEAN suspension, but like iv been told. stick to one company.

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