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2006 DRZ S 3x3 Mod update.

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Well i finally got some time today and reinstalled my carb after re jetting. What a pain in the rear.:lol: Well after trying for 15 mins I got my heat gun out as the rubber boots were hard and cold. So i heated them up and the carb slipped right in like a cheap hooker after a long night out on the corner.:D

I cranked it over 3 -4 times with the choke 1 click out and she fired right up after its long winter sleep. I let it warm up till the fan came on 2 - 3 times and it idled around 1580 - 1600 according to my trailtech vapor. I gave it a few good revs and it sounded stronger and deeper than the stock carb. Now i cant wait for it to warm up so as i can take it out and ride it to see how it reacts and whether it needs any tweaking.

Here are the Jet setting i used.

- 155 main jet stock exhaust.

- factory 22.5 pilot jet with Keintech fuel screw

- blue needle, 4th clip

-2.5 turn open on the fuel screw

Thanks to Pauly aka ptgarcia for help me out here. Also Eddie.:ride: I really appreciated there help.:ride: Thanks again guys!

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