Honda 450X vs. Yamaha 450X new vs used.

New here.. old man trying to crawl back into dirt bike riding... I am trying to make a good decision about a bike.. I have owned several and tend to be partial to Honda with Yamaha a close second.. I am close to buying a CRF 450X and I can buy a new '08 or '07 for $5900.. Same for the Yamaha... I am talking the X and the WF electric start off road bikes, not the mxers.... I really would rather spend closer to $3500- $4000 which would get me a good used 05-07 in either bike... I hear a lot of good things about the Yamaha as well, maybe even more than the honda... Is it pretty safe and would I be getting something reliable if I pick a good clean used 05 or 07 in either of these bikes or am I looking down the barrel of having to do something expensive to it? I am 38 years old, 180 pounds and plan to use the bike riding hard on some dirt trails/ farm roads... What is everyones thoughts on the reliability of a clean 05 -07 Yamaha or Honda, if I do my homework is it likely I'll get something that is going to serve me well or is a 3-4 year old bike luike this on the verge of needing a lot of things?/ Thanks! I am

yamaha doesnt make a yz450x, its a wr450f. no problems with any of the yamahas, hondas have valve wear problems if u dont keep filter cleaned and oiled properly. both are good. 07 and up WRs have aluminum frame. all years honda 450x have aluminum frame. shop wisely, it wont be the bikes fault if there is a problem. used bikes are always mistreated and a good clean one is hard to find. its better imo that it was ridden and not let sit.

WR's are the ultimate ride'em and put'em away wet bike. Very tough and durable but an ignorant owner can still destroy them, it just takes longer than the CRF's. Both are good bikes though.

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