Another newby revalve question

Hey guys,

I have a 2003 Honda CRF450 and I'm looking on opinions about revalving. I am 6'3", 280lbs geared up and have .50 front spring rate and 6.1 in the rear. I ride desert but like to get into a little Class C motocross action. The front suspension seems harsh on big bumps, haven't hit any big jumps to compare results. The little jumps don't seem to be too bad..

When revalving, everyone goes off of body weight, riding style, and skill level. That's where my biggest question is, what's my skill level...I'm not the slowest guy out in the desert, but not even close to the quickest..


ONly you will know what your real skill level is. In the california desert, I consider myself a novice racer. I can say that by comparing my speed and results to other novice racers. I'm not the fastest or the slowest guy out there either. I struggle more in the rocky single track than I do in the whoops. Personally, I suffer more when the speeds are at 25mph than I do when the speeds are 45mph. So I adjust my suspension accordingly.

Suspension is such a subjective thing. What you like will be entirely different that what someone else likes. Do not think that you will have this "one chance" to get the suspension right. You will constantly have to tweak and adjust it over time.

I would consider your body weight, terrain and speed. You'll make adjustments after the first few rides on the new suspension to get it better dialed in. After you do, you'll get faster and will need to adjust again. I used to ride with my weight near the back to soften the blow when I hit big rocks and g-outs. With my suspension dialed, those rocks don't seem so big anymore, I go faster but keep my weight centered more.

I've had to learn just a little about suspensions and what I want and how to communicate that. Hook up with a suspension guy that you can communicate with. You will be talking with him a lot.

I worked with Dave Johnson (DaveJ) at Smart Performance Inc. My results where excellent.

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