my bike wont start!

it was running great, has the normal backfire on decel, even on the throttle. gas was at its usual and leaking from the carb boot, and overflow on the carb, muffler bearings and blinker fluid is looking in great shape. the swingarm linkage gaskets look great. valves are 0'ed and cam journals are scratched to shit. zero compression, and the valve buckets are cracked. so all that is up to par and normal so why wont it start! btw i JUST replaced the powerband one ride ago. maybe i put the powerband wrist pin in wrong? :ride:

well, i see u replaced the powerband, but did u repalce the powerband spring BEHIND the powerband pully? check that pully for play, if its tight, then u need to loosen the nut and make it wobble about ahh, i think about 1"-2" of wobble.

it had 2-98/99" of wobble so i tightened it up but got nothing

ummm, u might want to take ur valve cover off, and loosen the cam caps up about 5 turns each, their prolly to tight and holdign ur motor back with all that drag, dont worry it wont hurt anyhting, they will hold ur cams in their so they wont go anywhere.

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