wrf wheels on a wrr?

I have an 09 wrr. Im sick of duel sport tires. (not as good on the trails and not as good on the street). I want 2 sets of wheels. I'll set on pair up for off-road only and the other for street only. The most affordable wheels that I've been seeing are from wrfs. I'm just not sure that they will fit my wrr.(the wrf wheels are late model 07 and up)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but WR250R/X hubs are not the same as any other. Therefore nothing else will work. Even WRF wheelsets.

Yeah, our little bikes are unique in a lot of ways. :ride:

Wow that sucks. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.

Forrest you sneaky buggar! :ride: Yeah those camos have me drooling buddy. Those are some nice wheels.

Are the hubs the same on the X & R ? or the rotors just different? You see I want to put together a set of sm wheels and tires for my R model, bolt on and go, with R size rotors on both wheeel sets so I can go back and forth without any extra hassles. Is that an option?

Hubs are the same, rotors and calipers are different; bigger on the X than the R for better stopping.

Thanks, She Wolf! That info was very helpful now I can start pieceing together a set of wheels. starting with those cool blue anodized hubs. As my budget allows....

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