Aftermarket Throttle Body

The new Dirt Bike mag has this article about a slide type throttle body for the fuel injected bikes. I wondered why they didnt do this in the first place. It is pretty neat if it works like it did in the article. They tested it on a KX450 and said they had significant power and smooth response results from it. It actually reduces the throat size from 43mm to 38.5mm. Eddie, chime in on this one and please give us some of your thoughts concerning it. Here is the link.The link works, but the sidebar links dont appear to function yet!

Sorry after I posted this, I clicked the link and it didnt work. It worked earlier, so I guess you'll have to see the mag article instead until the link starts working again!

Link works again. Wow thought there might be some interest in this, guess not.

Thanks for this post, Just a shame there website sucks.

"4-10 more horsepower over stock" on the KX450." Hmmmmm.

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