I new to the ktm530 dual sport

Does anybody know the cons to getting the 2009 530, Im thinking about getting one Im getting a good deal Its brand new, If I get it what mods sould I do to it after I get it.

You will need to desmog it, rejet it and cut the restricter out of the end cap on the muffer. There are a lot of threads on these things. For Jetting JDjet kit is very good and pretty easy the rest is mostly removing the canaster and its hoses. There are good videos on U-tube of this.Nice bike afriend of mine just got an 08 530 EXC and I have a 07 525 EXC. Enjoy.


regear it 13/48 works with the stock chain length along with clydes suggestions, jd jets, desmog, muffler cutout, and there you go...ride it like you stole it, they love that

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