DRZ dies when i shift out of neutral

so i start the bike with absolutely no problem. i rev the engine, let it idle a bit, shift out of neutral and then BLANK!!! it dies. and if i start the bike in first or second then gun it, it dies too. any idea guys?

side stand switch.

thats great. but can you not be so vague? side stand switch what?

bypass both safety switches (clutch and side stand) they're nothing but problems any way

Obviously this mod can lead to low speed tip overs and much embarassment, but still a good mod to do

oops... just saw your next post to Eddie... he is not being vague; he is being succinct

Do a search or PM me, and I'll give you a link or instructions on how to do it

not so vague? really?

i told you exactly what the issue is.

Are you doing this , while the sidestand is down ? If you are the side stand switch is doing its job and all you have to do is put the stand up before engaging a gear next time . If not the switch itself might be malfunctioning . Disconnect it and join the wires together and see how that goes , greg

thanks bikeslut. and sorry im not a pro at this, Mr Sisneros. im new to the whole scene. its just that when you say "side stand switch", it could mean 1 of a million differentthings to me. im not as knowledgable about the systems as you are. but just remember, you were once wet behind the ears like i am now and you had to learn at one point...this is me learning.

jackrook- I hope that helps you... the "search" function works great here

also realize Eddie has probably answered the question 1000 times, and he is just trying to save time, while pointing you in the right direction...

thank you again guys for all your help. i am still about 3 weeks into this website and as i get more accustomed to it, im sure i will stop posting the obvious. bikeslut, again thanks.

only on TT can you reply with the exact answer to the exact problem for free and get blasted for it.


for FREE? I sent him an invoice... you didn't?

my paypal got charged already. eddie, i am not trying to blast you. i am a nurse. if u were to ask me how to start an IV, and i say "chloraprep, 20 gauge, hep-loc, tegaderm, saline flush"...you would have absolutely no idea what i am talking about other then that they are supplies needed to start an IV. so when you say "stand switch" or something to that affect, i naturally answer wanting more info. you dont know alot about nursing and i dont know alot about bikes. thats why we ask questions. and i am thankful for your help. you are an asset to the TT community.

i would think to my self when you gave that reply "hmmm,i have no idea what any of that is.i better search on it." or "wow,maybe i dont have any business trying to start a IV".

is it the nurse forum job to teach me to be a nurse? or should i be happy that a nurse gave me profressional help or direction?

i get what your saying,but its not how the world works. im not here to teach you how to work on motorcycles. if you learn by reading the info i post,great. but if you cant take what i post and turn it into something that helps you i cant help that.

got a question? ask it. but dont complain when i answer and not what you wanted to hear.

good luck to you!

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