Extended Fuel Screw

OK, so it seems that I have lost the oring for the extended fuel screw. I have the ThumperTalk FCR Extended Fuel Mixture Screw by Kientech and I dont like it. Its a pain to turn and does not fit the SM because the starter motor gets in the way. When I removed the screw I had to but a lot of pressure on the carb. I want to replace this screw with one that fits the SM with a DRZ400 FCR-MX 39mm Conversion Kit. I do not want to remove the carb in order to fit the screw. What would you guys suggest as a replacement? I need the screw and oring.

The Kientech screw does fit any DRZ with any FCR.

You will want to pull the carb and float bowl to make positive the oring is gone.

The Kouba screw is simialr to the Kientech but made of brass.

The James Dean screw uses a alloy knob on a brass shaft

The Merge Racing screw uses a brass shaft and a plastic handle.

James, Dean, Kouba or Merge sell the oring, washer and spring.

If I were you, I'd keep the Kientech

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Ok, so I found the o-ring on the chain, (thank goodness for sticky chain lube) I have reinstalled the fuel screw to 2 1/2 turns out. Took the bike for a spin, and its running a lot better. Perhaps not perfect but I am going to wait until summer to fine tune the carb. I am sure I had some old fuel in the tank, lesson learned. Otherwise thanks for all the help and feedback, cant wait to ride this weekend……

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