Thought this was funny

This is a closed course high power Yamaha Devol custom , 5 speed. water cooled two stroke, 250 cc racing dirt bike. Has good tires, front and rear disk brakes, Kayaba shocks. This bike is a steal, like new condition.

It's so expensive because it has the rare Kayaba shocks modification :ride:

Everyone knows that two is better than mono :ride:

Wonder if it used to belong to the ex-husband of the fat gal holding it in the picture.

So many of these CL adds you see, seem to be writen by people who have no clue about what they're trying to sell.:ride:

haha love it..

What year is that like a 1990 or something?

Definitely, in like new condition! Maybe that "2" was supposed to be a $

i will ask them hahaha

yalls is crazy. At that price the bike is a steal, says so right in the ad.:ride:

welcome to the dim witted world of CL. Gotta say tho i love it when idiots under price their crap and i get a great deal:thumbsup:

What year is that like a 1990 or something?





that was a good bike back then hahah

funny cause the body work looks like my 09 crf450 hahah the way the side number plate flows from the tank to the back fender

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